• Knowledge Transfer in Audit Firms 会计师事务所的知识扩散
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    主题:Knowledge Transfer in Audit Firms 会计师事务所的知识扩散

    主讲人:中央财经大学 肖土盛副教授




    主办单位:会计学院 科研处


    肖土盛,现任中央财经大学会计学院副教授,于2013年在上海财经大学获得博士学位。其研究兴趣包括公司价值、信息披露、审计等资本市场相关的会计与财务问题。相关成果发表于《The Accounting Review》、《Journal of Corporate Finance》、《Accounting and Finance》、《Emerging Markets Finance and Trade》、《China Accounting and Finance Review》以及《管理世界》、《管理科学学报》、《经济学(季刊)》、《南开管理评论》等期刊。

    具体详情请见其个人主页: http://soa.cufe.edu.cn/szdw/fjs/95161.htm


    We utilize the setting of the audit market consolidation in China over the 1998–2013 period to study knowledge transfer in audit firms. We employ a difference-in-difference approach and examine the effect of industry-specific knowledge transfer on audit performance after a merger of two audit firms with different levels of expertise in a particular industry. For clients in an industry audited by both merging audit firms, those audited by the less competent audit firm in that industry belong to the treatment group, while all other clients belong to the control group. We find an economically significant improvement in audit quality (as reflected in a reduction in client misstatements) for the treatment group relative to the control group in the same merged audit firm. In contrast to across-audit-firm comparisons in prior research, our within-audit-firm comparison allows us to eliminate all common effects at the audit firm level and partly attribute the audit performance improvement of the treatment group to industry-specific knowledge transfer after the merger.